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Miss Deviant – London Black Mistress


This may be your first time or you may be very experienced. Either way, you have a sincere need for a beautiful black Mistress to dominate you.

I also session from a private dungeon very close to Old Street Station. If you’d like a session here please mention it when contacting me.

You understand your role and your need to submit. This will please me and give you equal pleasure.

You want a Mistress who likes to have lots of fun in her sessions and will do your upmost to ensure I am kept smiling and laughing.

I take extreme pleasure from inflicting the sweetest of pain upon the bodies who give themselves to me.

I love nothing more than to look into your eyes as I impose my will. You will feel my breath in your ears as I whisper encouragement to endure more for your Mistress.

You will offer me access to your soul where I will find and release the true sub that lies within.

Your looks and size is of no consequence to me, it is what’s in your head that turns me on (or off)!!

I will always work within your boundaries but you should expect these to be stretched, for if I find you to be boring you will be banished forever.

I will not accept bookings from anybody under the age of 21 years

If you’d like to buy me something to show your appreciation and submission then see my Wishlist



  • Asking for sex as I am a Dominatrix, NOT an escort.
  • Timewasters
  • Topping from the bottom
  • Bad manners
  • Dirty bodies (both inside as well as out)