My good friend and who I refer to as my Sister In Sin, Madame Caramel has a very slutty maid, known as Emily

Now Emily is a Big Ole Slut that loves nothing more than taking cock for her Mistress. She comes across as a sweet shy maid but when shown a Big Black Cock (BBC), she completely loses her mind and willingly and almost automatically bends over and opens her mouth to receive whatever she’s given.

On this particular occasion I was invited to join in the fun. I often join Madame Caramel for sessions and they are always great fun, usually at the expense of whoever has been brave enough to book us.

Because I’d heard of emily’s penchant for BBC’s I took along my favourite and hugest strapon, fondly named Bam.

Here are some of the photos we took that day




Well there is a hole so it’d be rude not to put something in it LOLs


Madame Caramel ready to play


Emily trying to run off with all the toys



Giving Bam some love while I fucked her other Slut Hole :o)


Madame Caramel looking rather gorgeous


Feeding time for Emily



Madame Caramel & Myself looking very pleased with ourselves

We had such a wonderful afternoon. Thank Madame Caramel, you truly are My Sister In Sin and also thanks to her slut, Emily

Do you think you could handle a Double Domme session with Madame Caramel & myself. Don’t be shy, get in touch by email