Have you visited Club Black Whip yet?……….

For those of you who are not aware, I am one of the House Dommes at Club Black Whip

This is a Femdom club for boys who have a desire to serve and be Dominated by Strong Black Women. I know I am biased but this really IS the best FemDom night out in London!!!

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The next event is on 6th March

Female Dominants of all colours are welcome to join us and do not pay to enter

Males must pay to attend (£20 at the door)

To register Click Here



Testimony from the DoubleDomme session with Mistress Rouge……

There are no words I can add to this testimony, so read it & wish it had been you…..

I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Deviant on many occasions over the past three years or so. Because of my personal circumstances, it is often difficult to find a date when I might see Her. It so happened that I had a free afternoon on Tuesday 11th February and I quickly looked at Mistress’s website to see if She might be available.


The website showed that Mistress Deviant would be involved in Double Domme sessions all that day with Mistress Rouge. My heart sank. Mistress Deviant knows that I am by no means a pain slut and She always tailors Her sessions with this in mind. I had never met Mistress Rouge.


Anyway, two days beforehand, I e-mailed Mistress to wish them both an enjoyable day and to say that I knew I couldn’t take enough pain to please them both. On Tuesday, we had a short text conversation, which ended with Mistress “ordering” me to attend. I’m so glad that She did.


As you can imagine, I entered Mistress’s chambers with more than a little trepidation. I was immediately ordered to strip naked and with my back to the wall, my wrists and ankles were attached to wall-fixings, which left me spread-eagled and totally at their mercy. Then it began.


Although I can’t stand a lot of pain, Mistress knows that I am intimidated by the proximity of powerful women and they both played on this fact. Soon, both Mistresses were pressing themselves against my vulnerable body and two pairs of hands started to explore it. My arms, neck, chest and nipples. Hands travelling further down to my stomach and beyond. God this was utter torment and I was becoming very aroused. They showed no mercy as every part of my body was teased. Even my back and bottom did not escape.


I was then told that I would not be allowed to cum during the session and if I did, Mistress Deviant would banish me for a year and I was not willing to risk that happening. I was commanded to look down as Mistress Deviant knelt and brought Her mouth close to my cock. I could feel Her breath as Mistress Rouge continued to torment me with Her hands. And then, Mistress Rouge produced a Hitachi Magic Wand and applied it to my erect cock – absolute torture but worse was to come as Mistress Deviant knelt close and sucked on a black, rubber cock. It was as if I could feel Her lips on my cock.


At last, I was released and bent over the medical bench. I was strapped down before both Mistresses spanked and paddled me. All of which came as a blessed relief after what had gone before. But this was to be just a short respite from the torment. I was told to stand so that I could be cling-wrapped from top to toe – all except one vital part of my anatomy, of course. Then I was laid on my back on the bench and strapped down. Totally helpless as Mistress Deviant applied a zapper to my cock and balls. I thought it couldn’t get any worse but just then Mistress Rouge started with the Hitachi again. I was alternately subjected to wand and zapper or Heaven and Hell, as Mistress called it. My mind was totally scrambled and I didn’t know where I was as Mistress Deviant leant close and pressed her breasts to my face – I almost came.


At last the torture stopped and I sighed with relief but it wasn’t over yet as Mistress Rouge applied the Magic Wand once more. I came close to orgasm several times and cried out but each time Mistress Rouge would stop and wait for me to calm down before starting again. I lost count of how many times I endured this torment before, mercifully, I was released and the session ended.


At the end, I was totally wrecked and yet there had been very little CP during the time I was there. I had been at the mercy of two beautiful and powerful Dommes, who really know how to torment and abuse my poor body and now I shall be looking out for the next time Mistress Deviant is offering Double Domme sessions.



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 Mistress Ava Von Medisin and Myself have devised TheProgramme……. 12 hours of merciless torment , Two evil geniuses and only one event of its kind. Clearly divides Female supremacy from the boys! 

This is a one off event and will be like no other you’ve ever experienced. This is not a Foot worship or Multi Mistress party, there will be no light BDSM play!!

You will receive no details about TheProgramme as this is being kept top secret, however you should be aware of the following:

  • TheProgramme is for Hardcore players only
  • TheProgramme will test you, both physically & psychologically
  • TheProgramme will take place in Norfolk on 16th May and will run from 10am to 10pm
  • To take part in TheProgramme the fee will be £500 (If successful in your application a deposit will be required, with the balance paid at least 24 hours before the event)
  • You need bring nothing on the day. Everything you need will be provided by TheProgramme including sustenance and clothing
  • You will need to fill out an application form to apply (these will be sent out via email on 28th February)
  • If your application is successful  you will need to be available to attend an interview in Norfolk on 10th April
  • Not everybody that applies will be invited to take part in TheProgramme
  • If you successfully complete TheProgramme you will become part of TheProgramme and may be invited to take part in future events (no fee will be required)
  • TheProgramme will be filmed but you will be provided with a mask, if required
  • You will be required to sign a consent form and bring a valid form of ID for the filming
  • TheProgramme will be aware of your hard limits but you should note these will be tested

If you would like to receive an application form; send an email to the_programme@live.com stating the following:



Pics from my filming day…………………

I had a great filming day on 20th Jan. Here are some stills from the shoot.


Wanna be next????


WhiteBitchBoy deep throating my strapon


I love playing with ltight white arses


Taking a gift to Master Black


WhiteBoy sucking a BBC


Spit roasted my Master Black & a Fucking Machine


Having fun with Master Black while our white slave sucks his cock


WhiteBitchBoy practising his gobbling skills


Having fun with our WhiteSlutBoy


I love the venus 2000 :o)


Wiring up my GimpBoy


GimpBoy looking a bit sorry for himself HaHaHa


Leather Gloves with a hidden agenda


Tune in & Turn up


Me crying laughing at GimpBoys pain


Invading one of my sluts arse’s :o)


Teasing my slut while pounding his arse


Just Awesome!!!!!


Giving the slut a jolly good Rogering


Using an even bigger strapon on my slut



I had such a great day & so did my boys apparently. Here’s a couple of texts/emails I received from them the following day :

*Good morning Mistress. I just wanted to say thanks for using me yesterday. It was great seeing you again. You continue to be the most amazing Mistress ever*

*Thank you for the fun afternoon. However, it has left my penis so sore and tender, I can’t masterbate*

*Thank you dear Miss D for that truly sensational shafting

*Thanks once again Miss Deviant for giving me such an amazing time in the sling last night, it was truly fantastic to look up and see You in full glorious flow, absolutely gorgeous, so fucking hot!!*

If you would like to attend my next filming day (TBA) please send an email to missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk with Filming Slave in the subject line

Double Domme Day on 11th February …………….

This is an opportunity not to be missed…..






One of my Partners In Crime, Mistress Rouge, & I have decided to organise a special day for all you kinksters, subs & slaves who revel in the Cruelty of Women.


IMG_5054[1]IMG_0171 (1)


This is a day of:

  • CBT (Your balls in our hands)

  • Corporal Punishment (Could you take a double canning??)

  • Sensory Deprivation (Enclosed in a Rubber prison not knowing what’s coming next)

  • Bondage (Tied up & Cruelly Teased)

  • Nipple Torture (Dare you wear the Collar of Pain)

  • Sexual Violation (Spit Roasted then thrown out)

  • Anything else that takes our Vivid & Deviant imagination


Take note; this is not a day for the faint of heart. Only those who seriously wish to experience the Cruelty of this Dynamic Duo should apply


Tribute: £200 p/h


Limited space available so preference will be given to people we know or ones willing to pay a deposit


Apply via the form on my bookings page stating the scenerio you are interested in

Filming on 20th January………………………

I will be filming again in N London on 20th January from midday to 7pm.



maid training, slave gets raped, fisting, ballbusting, electric, rubber gimp

corporal punishment and much more


Slaves can be masked if required

You must be able to provide valid ID on the day (without this you will

turned away)

There will be a tribute required to attend

If you are interested contact me via 




putting ‘Film Slave’ in the subject line

Are you a Rubber Lover, then this could be for you…….

Black Mistress Rubber Day January 9th & 10th

Madame Caramel Mistress Rouge & Myself


 have planned a Rubber day on January 9th and 10th.

You can be our rubber dolly.

Be totally enclosed in rubber.

Try our Venus 2000 for a very special sensory deprivation session.

We have a rubber body bag that can be inflated for that extra tight feeling.

This is a unique chance for an afternoon of rubber deprivation.

£500 for 3 hours of rubber sensations at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite.


We have sessions through the day and at the 9th there is the possibility

for an overnight stay.

Book your session now: madame_caramel@hotmail.co.uk



An evening of Culture………………

BDSM and art have always walked hand in hand and with this in mind Madame Caramel created the Erotic Art Collective. The aim of this unique collective is to provide an exclusive, creative space for international artists who work within the erotic, BDSM and fetish realms. Events will include: book launches, art and photography exhibitions, performance, workshops and more.

On the 29th November Madame Caramel is proud to present the very first event at the 100 Years Gallery in Hoxton.  The theme of the night is Female Dominance.

The event will take place from 6pm to 10pm

Artists exhibiting  on the night will be Kate Peters, showing her work ‘Yes Mistress’ and Anne O Nomis presenting her book ‘The History & Arts of the Dominatrix’

I will be hosting the night and giving demonstrations in the ‘Deviant Corner’ alongside Mistress Talia Poole. This is a unique opportunity to watch Professional Mistresses play and ask questions.

After the exhibition we will all be headed to Pedestal to party to night away.

I am looking for a driver/slave to help out at the exhibition and to escort me to Pedestal after. To apply for this opportunity email: missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk



Club Black Whip in Copenhagen……………………

Due to the fantastic success of our party in Amsterdam we have already booked our next trip, this time to the wonderful city of Copenhagen.

We will be holding a party on 2nd May 2014 from 8pm till late.

If you would like to apply to attend click here

Here are some pictures from the party in Amsterdam

R.E.D 7th December…………………..

R.E.D. (Relentless, Excessive, Discipline).

This event was given birth to by my good friend Mistress Rouge, who has decided to take some time out and handed over the reigns to a trusted friend, Mistress Adore I know the event is in good hands and will go from strength to strength with her at the helm.

For those that already know me, will know this is my favourite event in the UK BDSM calendar.

This is a Hardcore FemDom S & M event, not for the light hearted, be you Domme or victim!!

Whilst it is an extreme play event, all who take part abide by the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) principles. We enjoy hurting those with a strong desire to receive pain, torture & discipline.

Last year I took part in a extensive Judicial Punishment of a person and can’t even begin to verbalise the thrill this gave me. It took me two full days to come down from the high!!!

There is usually a ‘Punishment Melee’ where each entrant is given a weapon of their Mistress’s choosing. She/he is then given 6 of the best with the weapon, by each Domme taking part and the one with the best marks gets first prize. I’ve only managed 2nd place so far but did get the accolade of being told I was one of the hardest hitters at the event :o

FemDoms/Sadists: This is a place where you can indulge your most sadistic desires and have the chance to meet and chat to like minded females and in my opinion, some of the finest Dommes in the UK. You will get to witness some awesome play in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Masochists: This is a place where you can experience some serious play from experienced Sadists/Dommes who want nothing more than to use your body to sate their sadistic desires. All I can say is be careful what you wish for coz ya might just get it!!!

I am looking for an experienced, London based Masochist, who drives, to accompany me to this event. If you feel you fit the bill then send me an email outlining your level of experience, your areas of interest (masochistic only) and any health issues I should be aware of. I look forward to hearing from you