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FuckFest…….. Club Black Whip Private Party…… 4th December

Date: 4th December

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Place: London N1

Tribute: £100

(50% deposit to secure your place)


If you’ve ever been to Club Black Whip

you already know how

Us Mistresses like to play

We get Down&Dirty


We love to Fuck boys in their pussyarses

with our Strapons


We also love watching a bit of Bi Action

for those boys into that


This party is only for those who love

nothing more than having their

arses/mouths filled

(Your limits & privacy will be respected)


You do not need to be submissive to

cum to the party

just filthy minded & respectful


We have 2 Fucking Machines & an

unlimited supply of various sized Dildos & Strapons


Mistresses in attendance:



Madame Caramel



Liberty Domme


Do not miss this opportunity to play with

3 of the Club Black Whip Dommes


To book your place contact:


A new experience for me……. Trampling

I’ve had a guy who’s contacted me a few times with a desire for me to make a Giantess clip for my Clips4Sale Studio Unfortunately I have been unable to do filming due to being very busy with my studies. When he saw I was retiring he decided to book a session and travelled to see me from France.

Two of the activities he asked for was trampling and puppy play. I have never done proper trampling before but thought this would be a great opportunity to check this off my list before I retire. WOW I LOVED IT….. A very powerful feeling to walk and stand on a guy and I’m impressed with him particularly as this was his first ever session doing anything. He was a little panicky at first but my confidence gave him confidence and we had an awesome session. We ended the session with him worshipping my feet as I lay back and played with myself to orgasm (Please note: This is something I do because I want to at the time and not because he asked me too. He was NOT allowed to play with himself or cum).

As this was his first session I asked him to write me an email describing his experience, here is what he said……


Good morning Goddess,

This is a “short” message about my feeling yesterday. It’s hard to find the exact words to describe this experience. it was a mix of fear and enjoyment. Yes the atmos(fear) was incredible and I will never forget when you clapped your hands when I enter in your home.

I will never forget when you slapped me the first time, I didn’t expect for this and it took me several minutes to realize that I was in your hands.

To be honest, I was really scared at first but when you put your foot on me, I began to surrender my self to you. On the floor, I began to feel really helpless especially when you started to walk over me (I felt the ground trembling). And when you stood on me, I can now understand how heavy and powerful a woman can be. I can now imagine how painful it is  for a little mouse to die under the foot of a beautiful woman. I had many times the desire to kiss your feet and beg for my insignificant life as you seemed to me beautiful and disdainful in the same time.

This night, I dreamed of you and you were ordering me to follow you like a puppy. In my dream I was looking at your feet and completely submitted to your authority. If I had to say what hidden desires you pulled out of my soul, it should this one. I didn’t felt it at first but my subconscious doesn’t lie I think.

And what can I say about your feet? I worshiped them instinctively. My only regret is that I didn’t smell them naked and I would have enjoyed to have them on me when I was lapping up the water you gave me, like a puppy.

There are a lot of things to say about this first experience….. I’m  maybe not a “conventional” submissive guy but there is something in me (my life) that need to be put between women’s hands. That’s why I think I fantasies of being  a little insect under you feet.

Miss Deviant, if your allow me to comeback one day, if you think I’m a nice boy, I will try to improve my submissive role (especially in worshipping). My dream yesterday means something I’m sure of that.

Anyway, even if you don’t, I will consider this day as the strangest  but the most exciting experience in my life

Your little worm


This is the email I sent back to him:

Good afternoon My little worm Trace de baiser

Thank you for your email. I hope you had safe travels back to France.  

I would be very happy to see you again and continue your adventure into the world of Female Dominance Visage souriant portant des cornes

I look forward to receiving your email requesting to be in my presence once again. 

Miss Deviant Trace de baiser




The Winds of Change…………………

After a long deliberation I have decided to wind down my Pro Domming business as I wish to concentrate on other things in my life.

I have absolutely LOVELOVELOVED the last 3 years and have no intention of giving up kink, just the Pro Domming side of it.

I will continue to see the lovely regulars I already have but from 31st December will not be taking on any more new clients

On 1st of January 2015 all my online profiles, including Twitter, will be removed. The only profile I will keep is my FetLife account

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Double Domme Sessions 11th to 18th August…………………

I will be Double Domming with Mistress Simone who will be in London

from 11th to 18th August


Mistress Simone Double Domme Pics

Mistress Simone is a Professional Dominatrix from Chicago. Like me, her focus has always been on creating an environment where we can explore the world of BDSM in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.


We both possess vivid & Deviant imaginations, wicked wit and wide array of BDSM skills and experience.


Can you think of anything more delicious than succumbing to our unique brand of play?


An opportunity not to be missed


Apply for sessions via missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk

An afternoon with Emily………..

My good friend and who I refer to as my Sister In Sin, Madame Caramel has a very slutty maid, known as Emily

Now Emily is a Big Ole Slut that loves nothing more than taking cock for her Mistress. She comes across as a sweet shy maid but when shown a Big Black Cock (BBC), she completely loses her mind and willingly and almost automatically bends over and opens her mouth to receive whatever she’s given.

On this particular occasion I was invited to join in the fun. I often join Madame Caramel for sessions and they are always great fun, usually at the expense of whoever has been brave enough to book us.

Because I’d heard of emily’s penchant for BBC’s I took along my favourite and hugest strapon, fondly named Bam.

Here are some of the photos we took that day




Well there is a hole so it’d be rude not to put something in it LOLs


Madame Caramel ready to play


Emily trying to run off with all the toys



Giving Bam some love while I fucked her other Slut Hole :o)


Madame Caramel looking rather gorgeous


Feeding time for Emily



Madame Caramel & Myself looking very pleased with ourselves

We had such a wonderful afternoon. Thank Madame Caramel, you truly are My Sister In Sin and also thanks to her slut, Emily

Do you think you could handle a Double Domme session with Madame Caramel & myself. Don’t be shy, get in touch by email

Saturday 14th June – Private After Party at HDS………

If you are attending the Erotic Art Collective exhibition on Saturday 14th June. There will be a chance to join a Private After Party at Hoxton Dungeon Suite. The suite is a five minute walk away from the exhibition venue, in Hoxton

HDS parties are always great fun and play is optional. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun play is always the theme of the night






This is a unique opportunity to watch Dominants and their submissives at play and even join in if you feel the urge.

It is also a great chance to have look around one of the finest dungeons in London.

Tickets for the after party are limited to just 20 and can only be bought at the exhibition

Tickets cost £20 to cover wine, beer & nibbles.

There are only 20 tickets available so to reserve yours send an email to missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk

Rules of the play party

Use your common sense

  • Don’t touch without permission.
  • Don’t assume things. Someone maybe submissive but that doesn’t mean that they will be submissive to you.
  • Don’t interrupt.
  • No means no.
  • All play must be consensual and sane.

Erotic Art Collective Presents Paul Oughton………..

BDSM and art have always walked hand in hand and with this in mind Madame Caramel created the Erotic Art Collective. The aim of this unique collective is to provide an exclusive, creative space for international artists who work within the erotic, BDSM and fetish realms. Events will include: book launches, art and photography exhibitions, performance, workshops and more.

On the 14th June  Madame Caramel is proud to present Paul Oughton at the  100 Years Gallery in Hoxton.  The theme of the night is Love and Rope. The venue has a bar and there will be nibbles available.

The event will take place from 7:30pm and is free entry

Paul Oughton is a self taught artist. He started to paint three years ago as a hobby in his spare time and just enjoyed splashing paint around a canvas to see what became of it. It was fun and people who saw what he was doing offered encouragement through playful banter. Paul gradually became more immersed in his new hobby and began to research known artists from the Old Masters to the Impressionists in a bid to learn about the fundamentals of painting. Practice began to yield results and Paul began to look at everything through a different set of eyes, watching for differences in colour, light and form in everything he saw. Copying some of the Impressionist’s works gave him valuable lessons from which to improve early efforts into simple pictures that people wanted to buy.

In 2013 Paul had lots of small pictures lying around and he realised he needed to get rid of them to make room for more worthy efforts so he took a Sunday market stall near Newcastle Upon Tyne close to his home and was soon selling pictures on a regular basis. Encouraged by sales and favourable comments Paul became more serious about his painting but time was limited by having to hold down a full time job. However, his work continued to sell from repeat customers and through local galleries throughout the North East. A series of acrylic paintings of Venice sold well and Paul’s reputation began to grow.


One of my personal favourites

In January 2014 it was suggested to Paul that he may wish to paint a totally new genre of pictures, that of erotic art. The subject of Fetish and BDSM was mentioned and research began into what Paul describes as “More interesting than painting water lilies and canals ! ” The result is a beautiful series of paintings showing the female Dominatrix at play and Shibari as an art form. Paul now works on a part time basis so that he can devote more time to painting and, eventually, become a full time professional artist. None of the paintings are explicit in their content but do stir the imagination of the viewer engaging them in their own narrative.


I have met Paul and seen his paintings first hand and feel very proud to be a co-host on the night. Paul will be offering the chance not only to buy his paintings on the night but also an opportunity to commission a custom piece. He will be offering discounts to those who are able to pay a deposit on the night.

You can follow Paul on Twitter

I will be giving BDSM demonstrations in the ‘Deviant Corner’. This is a unique opportunity to watch a Professional Mistress at play and ask questions.

I do hope you will join us on the night to help celebrate this artists work. It will be a night of Art, Kink and Fun.

There will also be an exclusive Private After Party. Click here for details

I am looking for a driver/slave to help out at the exhibition. To apply for this opportunity email: missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk

Have you visited Club Black Whip yet?……….

For those of you who are not aware, I am one of the House Dommes at Club Black Whip

This is a Femdom club for boys who have a desire to serve and be Dominated by Strong Black Women. I know I am biased but this really IS the best FemDom night out in London!!!

IMG_4155 IMG_4173 IMG_4194 IMG_4231 IMG_4254 2013-09-20 19.34.23 2013-09-20 20.15.46 2013-09-20 19.48.30 2013-09-20 20.52.55 2013-09-20 20.54.03 2013-09-20 20.56.36-2 2013-09-20 23.54.24 2013-09-20 22.12.18


The next event is on 6th March

Female Dominants of all colours are welcome to join us and do not pay to enter

Males must pay to attend (£20 at the door)

To register Click Here



Testimony from the DoubleDomme session with Mistress Rouge……

There are no words I can add to this testimony, so read it & wish it had been you…..

I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Deviant on many occasions over the past three years or so. Because of my personal circumstances, it is often difficult to find a date when I might see Her. It so happened that I had a free afternoon on Tuesday 11th February and I quickly looked at Mistress’s website to see if She might be available.


The website showed that Mistress Deviant would be involved in Double Domme sessions all that day with Mistress Rouge. My heart sank. Mistress Deviant knows that I am by no means a pain slut and She always tailors Her sessions with this in mind. I had never met Mistress Rouge.


Anyway, two days beforehand, I e-mailed Mistress to wish them both an enjoyable day and to say that I knew I couldn’t take enough pain to please them both. On Tuesday, we had a short text conversation, which ended with Mistress “ordering” me to attend. I’m so glad that She did.


As you can imagine, I entered Mistress’s chambers with more than a little trepidation. I was immediately ordered to strip naked and with my back to the wall, my wrists and ankles were attached to wall-fixings, which left me spread-eagled and totally at their mercy. Then it began.


Although I can’t stand a lot of pain, Mistress knows that I am intimidated by the proximity of powerful women and they both played on this fact. Soon, both Mistresses were pressing themselves against my vulnerable body and two pairs of hands started to explore it. My arms, neck, chest and nipples. Hands travelling further down to my stomach and beyond. God this was utter torment and I was becoming very aroused. They showed no mercy as every part of my body was teased. Even my back and bottom did not escape.


I was then told that I would not be allowed to cum during the session and if I did, Mistress Deviant would banish me for a year and I was not willing to risk that happening. I was commanded to look down as Mistress Deviant knelt and brought Her mouth close to my cock. I could feel Her breath as Mistress Rouge continued to torment me with Her hands. And then, Mistress Rouge produced a Hitachi Magic Wand and applied it to my erect cock – absolute torture but worse was to come as Mistress Deviant knelt close and sucked on a black, rubber cock. It was as if I could feel Her lips on my cock.


At last, I was released and bent over the medical bench. I was strapped down before both Mistresses spanked and paddled me. All of which came as a blessed relief after what had gone before. But this was to be just a short respite from the torment. I was told to stand so that I could be cling-wrapped from top to toe – all except one vital part of my anatomy, of course. Then I was laid on my back on the bench and strapped down. Totally helpless as Mistress Deviant applied a zapper to my cock and balls. I thought it couldn’t get any worse but just then Mistress Rouge started with the Hitachi again. I was alternately subjected to wand and zapper or Heaven and Hell, as Mistress called it. My mind was totally scrambled and I didn’t know where I was as Mistress Deviant leant close and pressed her breasts to my face – I almost came.


At last the torture stopped and I sighed with relief but it wasn’t over yet as Mistress Rouge applied the Magic Wand once more. I came close to orgasm several times and cried out but each time Mistress Rouge would stop and wait for me to calm down before starting again. I lost count of how many times I endured this torment before, mercifully, I was released and the session ended.


At the end, I was totally wrecked and yet there had been very little CP during the time I was there. I had been at the mercy of two beautiful and powerful Dommes, who really know how to torment and abuse my poor body and now I shall be looking out for the next time Mistress Deviant is offering Double Domme sessions.



poster_from_postermywall (online size) 1

 Mistress Ava Von Medisin and Myself have devised TheProgramme……. 12 hours of merciless torment , Two evil geniuses and only one event of its kind. Clearly divides Female supremacy from the boys! 

This is a one off event and will be like no other you’ve ever experienced. This is not a Foot worship or Multi Mistress party, there will be no light BDSM play!!

You will receive no details about TheProgramme as this is being kept top secret, however you should be aware of the following:

  • TheProgramme is for Hardcore players only
  • TheProgramme will test you, both physically & psychologically
  • TheProgramme will take place in Norfolk on 16th May and will run from 10am to 10pm
  • To take part in TheProgramme the fee will be £500 (If successful in your application a deposit will be required, with the balance paid at least 24 hours before the event)
  • You need bring nothing on the day. Everything you need will be provided by TheProgramme including sustenance and clothing
  • You will need to fill out an application form to apply (these will be sent out via email on 28th February)
  • If your application is successful  you will need to be available to attend an interview in Norfolk on 10th April
  • Not everybody that applies will be invited to take part in TheProgramme
  • If you successfully complete TheProgramme you will become part of TheProgramme and may be invited to take part in future events (no fee will be required)
  • TheProgramme will be filmed but you will be provided with a mask, if required
  • You will be required to sign a consent form and bring a valid form of ID for the filming
  • TheProgramme will be aware of your hard limits but you should note these will be tested

If you would like to receive an application form; send an email to the_programme@live.com stating the following: