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Miss Deviant – Black London Mistress


Please read this thoroughly before proceeding


I work from a modest but very clean flat in SE London where I have playroom which holds a hydraulic medical chair bed that has been especially adapted with straps and stirrups . I have an ever growing selection of canes, floggers, paddles and interesting toys for me to use on you. I am fastidious about hygiene so all toys and equipment are cleaned and sterilised after each use.

I also work from a private dungeon very close to Old Street Station. If you’d like a session here please mention it when contacting me.


I like my sessions to be F-U-N. If you’re looking for a Mistress who never smiles then I’m not for you, I love to laugh (mostly at your humiliation) and can think of nothing more enjoyable than having you shackled and at my mercy.


Anal Play: I just love to play with bottoms, whether it is inserting dildos, fingers or anything else I may have to hand

Bondage: To have a sub shackled and unable to squirm away from me gives me such a power rush,

Breath Play: I love to watch your eyes as I place my hands over your nose and mouth to deny you breath

Clingfilm Mummification: What’s not to like about wrapping you up like a mummy, but always leaving bits of you open for me to play with

Cock and Ball Torture: You’ve offered me your cock and balls to play with so who am I to deny myself such a pleasure, using binds, pinwheels, my nails or even teeth!!!

Corporal Punishment: I love it when you attend for your punishment, after sending me an email confessing all your dirty deeds. Don’t worry it will be our little secret. If being marked is a concern for you, it’s a good old fashioned spanking you’ll get.

Electrics: I have an E-Stim kit which will give you an electrifying experience!!

Facesitting (Always clothed): I love to feel your breath between my legs as I sit my beautiful bottom on your face just as you enjoy inhaling my scent through my tights or silk panties.

Fisting: Putting my hand deep in someones bottom is just so erotic. Would you like to become my personal hand puppet??

Footworship: Standing with my legs astride as you grovel on floor licking my boots gives me pleasure and reminds you of your place, at my feet.

Hot Wax Play: To hold candle and drop hot wax onto your body and watch as you squirm is just too delightful!!

Humiliation: This has to be my all time favourite as it means I get to laugh at your predicament, whatever that may be

Needle Play: I have a range of needles to prick your prick/balls/nipples with……

Nipple Torture: I can’t even begin to explain the delight of ripping clamps off a fresh pair of nipples

Puppy Play: Just love to play with my human puppies, teaching you tricks; sit up and beg, fetch……etc.

Smoking Fetish: To use a human mouth as my ashtray is a wonderful feeling and a great act of submission from the sub

Strap-on Play: Oh, cum on, you know you want my big black cock in your arse/mouth and will always beg for more which is the way I like it

Sounds: I love to sit on your face whilst ‘sounding’ you out!!!

Ties and Tease: All you nervous newbies will love my ‘tie & tease’ though it will drive you to distraction and you will be straining at your (cock) leash begging for release. I do love to hear you beg!!!

Watersports: Will you be honoured enough to be allowed to drink my golden nectar or be given a frozen ‘Piss Gag’ to cool you down when things heat up.


  • Anything to do with scat
  • Period Play
  • Parent/Child Role Play
  • Trampling
  • Wrestling