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A new experience for me……. Trampling

I’ve had a guy who’s contacted me a few times with a desire for me to make a Giantess clip for my Clips4Sale Studio Unfortunately I have been unable to do filming due to being very busy with my studies. When he saw I was retiring he decided to book a session and travelled to see me from France.

Two of the activities he asked for was trampling and puppy play. I have never done proper trampling before but thought this would be a great opportunity to check this off my list before I retire. WOW I LOVED IT….. A very powerful feeling to walk and stand on a guy and I’m impressed with him particularly as this was his first ever session doing anything. He was a little panicky at first but my confidence gave him confidence and we had an awesome session. We ended the session with him worshipping my feet as I lay back and played with myself to orgasm (Please note: This is something I do because I want to at the time and not because he asked me too. He was NOT allowed to play with himself or cum).

As this was his first session I asked him to write me an email describing his experience, here is what he said……


Good morning Goddess,

This is a “short” message about my feeling yesterday. It’s hard to find the exact words to describe this experience. it was a mix of fear and enjoyment. Yes the atmos(fear) was incredible and I will never forget when you clapped your hands when I enter in your home.

I will never forget when you slapped me the first time, I didn’t expect for this and it took me several minutes to realize that I was in your hands.

To be honest, I was really scared at first but when you put your foot on me, I began to surrender my self to you. On the floor, I began to feel really helpless especially when you started to walk over me (I felt the ground trembling). And when you stood on me, I can now understand how heavy and powerful a woman can be. I can now imagine how painful it is  for a little mouse to die under the foot of a beautiful woman. I had many times the desire to kiss your feet and beg for my insignificant life as you seemed to me beautiful and disdainful in the same time.

This night, I dreamed of you and you were ordering me to follow you like a puppy. In my dream I was looking at your feet and completely submitted to your authority. If I had to say what hidden desires you pulled out of my soul, it should this one. I didn’t felt it at first but my subconscious doesn’t lie I think.

And what can I say about your feet? I worshiped them instinctively. My only regret is that I didn’t smell them naked and I would have enjoyed to have them on me when I was lapping up the water you gave me, like a puppy.

There are a lot of things to say about this first experience….. I’m  maybe not a “conventional” submissive guy but there is something in me (my life) that need to be put between women’s hands. That’s why I think I fantasies of being  a little insect under you feet.

Miss Deviant, if your allow me to comeback one day, if you think I’m a nice boy, I will try to improve my submissive role (especially in worshipping). My dream yesterday means something I’m sure of that.

Anyway, even if you don’t, I will consider this day as the strangest  but the most exciting experience in my life

Your little worm


This is the email I sent back to him:

Good afternoon My little worm Trace de baiser

Thank you for your email. I hope you had safe travels back to France.  

I would be very happy to see you again and continue your adventure into the world of Female Dominance Visage souriant portant des cornes

I look forward to receiving your email requesting to be in my presence once again. 

Miss Deviant Trace de baiser




A Pain Sluts testimony…………………………..

I have had the great fortune of adding a bona fide Masochist to my small stable. He will definitely be one of the ones I will continue to see after my retirement from Pro Domming. He is a wonderful person who I enjoy playing with immensely. I asked him to write a testimony of our first ever session and this is what he wrote…..

Scenes from Mistresses Room

The arrival

Her directions draw me nearer but still no address………she’s sizing her prey before she pounces

At last, the final step and I’m though her door……………there’s no way out for me now……I’m hers for the taking

She toys with me like a mouse in her paws and she’s fixed me with her stare…….I’m under her spell submitting to her instructions to shower………I present myself for her inspection to administer the pain where only my suffering will satisfy her lust

Act 1

Scene 1

The Introduction to pain 

I’m tied to the cross and she begins to taunt me but there’s something so tender in her eye’s as she wrenches by cock and balls towards the ceiling, my cry and her scorn in response………the taste of more to come…….she whispers that I am here to serve her and her hands now implement her torture…….but sweet torture delivered with a sensual gaze that only finds me submitting still further to the depths of my painful despair.

Scene 2

My head is spinning but my fear subsides as mistress leads me and bends me over her chair.  My fate is sealed as she sizes up my limits. I displease her with the size of my gape as she works her way down the line of her dildos. “I don’t like a tight virgin arse!” as she spits her scorn down my mouth. I inhale her venom and my arse is probed and stretched to my limits……..but she know that I’m her slut now and she’s riding me like a Mountie. She pounds me harder and harder.

Scene 3

My hole now filled with my Mistresses love I’m turned over and strapped to her dentist’s chair……….She whispers that my pleasure was fleeting and now I will have to suffer……..a last reprieve? No but I’m teased one last time with the touch of a buzz along my shaft

And now she lovingly prepares me for what is to come, my foreskin is drawn back exposing the head of my cock ………..a needle is drawn from it’s case and a smile crosses her lips……….her eyes meet mine as she invites me to gaze on her craft…….the first thorn pierces my cock and the crown is formed, a deep breath is drawn each time another thorn enter my cock head deeper and deeper they go………I can’t look for the fear etched on my mind my boundaries and limits pushed further and further as the pain sears through from my cock to my brain. But she’s there with her laugh and her smile…….a reassuring whisper of comfort and despair……but she can’t stop now in her endearing moment of ecstasy as the sensual sadist returns momentarily to her little girl “whoops” and jumps of delight…….her pleasure enraptured and entwined with my helpless descent into hell.

We have just had our 4th session where he experienced ball nailing. Each session we have just seems to get better and better and I feel very blessed to be able to play with such a wonderful man and like all my regular boys he brings something different to the table, ensuring I never get bored of playing. Lucky ole me :o)

I am unable to post photos of our session as they are to graphic for this website but they are on my FetLife account but please be warned there are extreme pictures there and are not for the faint of heart!!!

New Testimony……………………

I asked one of my regular slaves to write a testimony on his experiences with me, taking into consideration that I will cease Pro Domming in less than 3 month. This is what he said >>>>>>

So the big news is that Miss Deviant has decided to retire as a Pro-Domme at the end of this year! Her website and Twitter feed will disappear and she will stop taking-on new applicants. Those subs seeking a top-quality London-based Mistress to session with will, overnight, lose one of the best options available to them.

I have been regularly sessioning with Miss D for more than two years now and every time we have met has been a special experience. Right from our first time the domme-sub chemistry worked well, helped, I am sure, by my early realisation that I could trust Miss D totally – even when bound, exposed, vulnerable and utterly helpless. She makes sure that she knows the areas of interest and safe limits of her subs and respects those interests and limits, however that does not stop her from pushing her subs and exploring their boundaries.

DD session with Slave OB & Mistress Brown 3

Having fun with my slave :o)

I quickly learnt that the secret of having a great session with Miss Deviant is to forget about your own pleasure and instead concentrate on how Miss D decides to use you, and make you suffer, on that particular day, for the purpose of her taking pleasure and enjoyment from your service to her. Oh, and do not assume that you will automatically be granted some form of release or reward at the end of a session. You might, but it is in Miss D’s gift and is far from a given – many times I (and, I know, others) have been dismissed from Miss Deviant’s presence without that release, something that seems to be an integral part of sessions with lesser Dommes. This is something which, l believe, shows Miss D’s class – she dominates, uses and abuses her subs because she loves doing so, not because she once spotted a gap in the market to exploit.

Over my two year journey I have had so many new b&d experiences and Miss Deviant has always pushed me and extended my limits. I believe that our domme-sub relationship still has a long way to go yet and l am, therefore, so pleased and grateful that, although retiring from the pro-domme scene, Miss D will continue to session with me (and, l am sure, her other ‘regulars’) for as long as we are both enjoying and benefiting from those sessions.


My slave waiting for my special brand of Deviancy :o)

For me, then, it is NOT the end of an era, but it soon will be for those who have not yet sessioned with Miss Deviant. If, therefore, you have looked at Miss D’s website or Twitter feed and thought about booking a session, but at the last minute always found a reason not to, now you only have until the end of 2014 to find out what you have been missing. Who knows – if the chemistry is right for you, as it was for me two years ago, then there may yet still be time for you to become a ‘regular’ and to be able to continue sessioning with the fantastic Miss Deviant after she ceases to accept bookings from new subs!

New Testimony (27.06.14) Be careful what you wish for…….

I contacted Mistress Deviant by e-mail requesting extensive cock and ball torture, bondage, electrics etc. I arrived for my appointment punctually, I am usually very nervous on my first visit to Dominant Mistresses, especially Black Mistresses. When my eyes captured the sight of Mistress Deviant in person for the first time I panicked I tried to back away from what I requested and tried to reduce the session to just tie and tease ‘big Mistake’, she informed me politely but firmly, while I stood naked, bewitched, looking into her eyes, that I had a chance to redeem the situation. I was to accept what I originally requested or leave now and never return, looking into her bewitching eyes the answer was only one thing, I had requested this beautiful Black Mistress my worthless body to play with, who am I as a worthless white male going to deny her that pleasure.

Mistress placed a collar around my neck with a leash, and I was led to the end of the hydraulic medical chair, I was placed in shackles to the chair, bending over the table with my legs spread wide, mistress very patiently placed a humbler to my balls. This was the moment in my mind that my role has a male was to serve and give satisfaction to my new mistress. Even at this moment, I did not know how infectious Mistress Deviants pleasure was going to be. I had always wanted a humbler placed around my balls, my fantasy had come true. For some years now I have restricted CP to mere slaps, but to please Mistress Deviant, I would accept 3 strong but not serve strokes to my buttocks, with the humbler attached. Mistress Deviants approach to the administration of CP, I gladly accepted another 6 lashes. Mistress then finished of with mild ball whipping before I was relieved of the humbler and thanked her for her pleasure. Mistress showed me the photo of her handy work and tweeted for all her friends to see, I hope that mistress develops this theme in future sessions increasing CP intensity and ball whipping.


Mistress informed me to lay on the medical chair, I was then strapped firmly so that I could not move and finally a blind fold was placed over my eyes, intensifying my senses. What comes next you cannot put into words all I will say is, if you like electrics you must try this. I was informed in no uncertain terms that if I ejaculated before Mistress had her enjoyment I would be banished for ever. Mistress got my cock stimulated before attaching the electrical sound to my cock, with the blindfold on, my senses were working overtime nervous as ‘hell’, (word I would be saying quite a lot to my Mistress tune very shortly). The electrics started giving me a buzz to my genital areas, nipple clamps attached, I though this is not to bad, Mistress then when on to add needles to my bollocks, then mistress wanted to play a game called ” heaven or hell”. I had seen this on Mistress video clips, but to actually have it applied is yes you guested it “heaven or hell”. The incredible thing about all this, the “pain and the pleasure” that you receive while informing your mistress “heaven”or “hell” is the sound of Mistress Deviants delight in your predicament encourages you to want to take even more to please your mistress.

The session ended and Mistress Deviant informed me that see was pleased with how I had responded to her request, showed me her handy work with needles and all I will say she is a ‘artist’ with a slaves balls. To wind down Mistress made me tea, biscuits and a chat about various thing before I departed.

Thank you again Black Mistress Deviant, I am still high 24 hrs after yesterday’s session, writing this instead of watching football. I hope that i will be one of your ‘boys’, I have not felt like this in quite awhile and love to visit you in the next couple of months to continue my training perhaps 3 hrs time naked in you presence.

(17.05.14) New Testimony >>>>> 6 Months of pleasure and pain‏

“This wonderful testimony is from an older gentleman who I see once a month.  The last paragraph actually brought a tear to my eye. This is another subbie who has managed to find his way into my Deviant heart. I look forward to spanking him for a lonnnnnnnng time into the future” :o)

Dear Miss Deviant

Our first meeting was on Friday the 13th. December last year, but fortunately I am not superstitious, because the great thing is last week was my 5th. session and I have been so privileged to have known you and enjoyed these sessions with you, such a lovely lady but oh! so strict.


I am a very submissive person with health restrictions to my limits but very much in need of regular discipline. My only reason for coming to see you is to be soundly spanked, needing to honestly confess to my misdemeanour’s and totally submit to you to receive whatever punishment is deemed appropriate by you. My spankings would not work if I invented naughty tales just to get spanked. I have done that with many mistresses and dominatrix’s over the last 8 or 9 years and had a lot of fun, but whilst I just love having my trousers and pants taken down like a very naughty boy and being put over someone’s knee and having my bare bottom smacked, I do need to feel that I have been punished as well.

So after my initial meetings with you, when I discovered that, although you got such a lot of fun out of spanking me , I also found out what a very strong arm and hard hand you possessed, and were quite keen to spank me really hard, thus giving me the punishment I was needing. I also very quickly came to realise what a really lovely lady you were, that you were a very caring person and I was not just another customer on your register but someone needing your genuine care and attention. Because of my health limitations it is important that I can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will consider this at all times and I really do trust you totally as indeed you hopefully trust me with my confessions and reactions when being spanked by you. Of course I am delighted that you will stretch my limits as far as you can, but this is the desire of all submissives like me I think.

My need to be spanked goes back to my twenties, but it was a different world back then and I had to learn to live with my fetish for over 40 years, even keeping it a secret from my wife. It wasn’t until over 10 years ago when she died that I actually got into the scene. I now live completely alone and often spend many wasted hours perving (your choice of word) on the internet, looking at young ladies bare bums, my other fetish, I love to spank and redden female bottoms when I can afford it. Health wise , I have allowed myself too many treats and often have one or two extra pints of real ale. A lot of this bad behaviour is due to my attitude, with over eating the wrong food is a result of me just being lazy with a can’t be bothered attitude. During the time I have been seeing you I have had to send you weekly reports detailing how I spend my time and what meals I have had. Straight away you saw my lack of vegetables in my diet, which I knew about but ignored. At the start of this year I confessed that I had over indulged over the festive season and got a jolly good spanking for it, now my meals are unrecognisable to how they were then and my reports ensure that they will keep that way. I can claim that I am one of the very few people in England that have their “5 a day” Every time I prepare my dinner, when I am peeling the vegetables or choosing which frozen ones to have, I think of you and imagine that beautiful smile and just melt away. I have to put the vegetables back in the freezer quickly before they completely thaw out. So you see you have completely changed my life,and turned it around. I am getting my bare bum tanned, proper punishment spankings, meeting a fabulous lady monthly, eating well and using my time much better with less perving. How could anyone ask for more. I am therefore, healthier, happier, and a much more contented man than I was before meeting you.



So thank you Miss Deviant, not only from the bottom of my heart but also the heart of my bottom. You really are a special lady with a special smile and a special hard hand. Last week you changed my session by giving me a very nice warm up before spanking me hard, I certainly think it was a longer spanking than usual, different but oh! so good. This showed me how much you had thought about my needs and considered everything about me. Like all naughty boys, once we find that we have shown the spanker that we have learned our lesson and changed and are cured of our bad behaviour, we drift back into the old ways, thinking we can get away with it again. I know you won’t let that happen because as I have improved and maybe had a good month, I get soundly spanked as a reminder what will happen if I don’t keep it up. This is discipline being administered in the good old fashioned way, exactly what I need. Sad I know, but seeing my bum very red after a good spanking is a wonderful sight and makes me feel fantastic.


Once again, thank you so much for the last 6 months, what an unbelievable bit of luck meeting you and being dealt with by you. I have never in my life felt lucky except for two magical occasions, the first was meeting my wife and the second is meeting you, yes, you really are that special to me, I really am grateful for what you have been doing for me and I hope that I can come and get my bottom  reddened for a long time to come, if you consider that I am worthy of you.

(07.05.14) Testimony……. Million Dollar Mistress >>>>>>>>

A lovely testimonial from a wonderful PainSlut. We had a fantastic session. I couldn’t have asked for more

Dear Miss Deviant,
It’s exactly a week since our session, my first with you, and the images and sensations it brought forth are still as sharp as the needles I was happy to take for you. It’s a sweet pain you give, and a joy to know there’s always more to come. I especially loved the way you let it ebb and flow in waves and patterns, pushing me to the brink then pulling me back at the last minute. I was and remain completely bewitched, ready to follow wherever you choose to take me.

Our session a week ago — cock-sound, bodywrap, breath play, electrics, needles — was by far the most intense and qenjoyable I’ve ever experienced: sadism with a smile — and I loved both equally. To anyone hesitating or wondering whether to try a session with you I can only say “Jump in, you won’t regret it, Miss Deviant is the real deal, the million-dollar mistress you always hoped you’d find.”

photo 5

So thank you Mistress for starting me down the path that I long to take, and will take, as your pain slut, all tools and targets good. I think you read in my eyes that I’m ready to watch my limits drop away at your hands, slowly slowly, one by one, until there are none left at all and I’m entirely yours.
Can’t wait to be back with you soon for a second session, with new games and pleasures and a rising curve of pain.

Mr Comley gets spanked…… again

Hello Miss Deviant
I just wanted to say a great big thank you for yesterdays session. I was so delighted that you were pleased with my recent progress, I was also happy that you considered me letting my hair grow long and scruffy a punishable offence, I felt really bad about that and was very annoyed with myself as I had absolutely no excuse, and it wasn’t the first time I had done that, so although as always the spanking hurt, I hope it really does teach me to never do that again. This is why I am so pleased that you will see me regularly, more and more of my meals are now including green vegetables and that is such an obvious thing for me to do and again I had just become so lazy with my ready meals. I must also thank you so much for my little treat, and what a treat it was. I think you know that I have admired your lovely bottom but try to make sure you don’t see me looking at it, but to actually see the lower part of those wonderful cheeks with your permission, well, I am just so grateful. You were so wonderful yesterday and seemed to be so happy especially whilst over your knee which is bad news for me, but you smile and your lovely new hair style made it such a pleasant visit overall, thank you.
I look forward to seeing you again in April, I will be trying to just get a spanking and not a punishment spanking that really hurts, but I somehow think that it is a bit too early to be that good for a month.
All the very best wishes

JJ’s Journey……………………………

This time last year a slave applied to come and film with me. When he turned up, he was so quiet and shy I wasn’t even sure if he’d enjoyed the day but he had been well behaved and there was something about him that I liked. When he was leaving I told him to contact me if he would like a one to one session. The very next day he contacted me and we arranged his first session. This was to be the start of a fantastic journey for both of us.

I asked JJ to write an account of his first year serving me and this is what he wrote:::::::: 

I have added the images to his text

Part 1 – BD‏

What is BD? Well it might help if i explained BD is any time before the 6th March 2013. Why this date? The day is etched in my memory, not that the day was anything as what was to come but it was very special and it certainly got me hooked. BD to me means Before Deviant and everything before meeting this wonderful unique person pales in comparison.

Not that i had a bad life and there are certainly people in much worse situations. i wasn’t feeling sorry for myself but i was determined to try and release suppressed urges and explore hidden feelings.

My life was and had been devoid of love and physical affection let alone any intimacy for a long, long time. A happy, positive, enthusiastic person was beginning to be weighed down by circumstances.

i wasn’t sure what i really wanted to explore, all i knew was that i needed to submit and be guided. Therein lay the problem, i knew i couldn’t just submit to anyone. i was but didn’t deserve to be very choosy. i also knew i would have to build up gradually. i knew i yearned for love, care, kink, understanding all with a smile and tenderness.

i needed to find The One.




Part 2 – The Search

i can’t really recall when i first started looking for The One but i do know it wasn’t something i rushed into. i kept dipping into the wonderful world of the internet and the many, many Domme websites both astounded and bewildered me. All seemed to be of very similar format with a shopping list of activities, often very nice photos and a location with price.

Which website

However it was very difficult to get a feel for what that person was like from a website alone. What did they sound like? What sort of personality? Would we get on outside of a session? All these things were important to me. So the search itself stopped and started many times. i consciously avoided trying to create any sort of criteria based on location, age, activities, etc. i wanted to be completely open minded and let fate takeover.

There were some very attractive ladies but i knew that alone would not be enough for me. i yearned to serve in a regular capacity and to develop as my Mistress would see fit. i didn’t seek a false session by session relationship, i really wanted to be helped to open up. i knew i enjoyed kink and from my initial introduction to BDSM many years ago wanted to experiment and progress with the right person. Trust would be key as i am a reserved person with a secret aim to let go.

In all honesty i wasn’t really expecting to find what i was seeking. Perhaps i was being unrealistic or even seeking something i didn’t actually deserve.

That was until i then discovered Mistress’s blog and it truly was a eureka moment.


Part 3 – That Smile, That Touch, That Tenderness

i remember very vividly when and where i was when i started reading Mistress’s blog. Well reading and re-reading to be more accurate. i felt the sense of being a voyeur but with no sense of guilt. The session reports were an incredible turn-on to read but more importantly Her trips on holiday and to events gave me a sense of Her.

She had a wonderful figure and appeared to be incredibly beautiful but what really shone through was Her naturalness. That wonderful smile. Several pictures of Her she was grinning or laughing. This was a Lady who clearly was enjoying Herself and very comfortable in Her own skin.

Whilst my yearning to serve and be teased and tortured was very strong also my general life was missing fun, enjoyment and laughter. i wanted to please but could i really have it all? It was supposed be be fun and fulfilling wasn’t it?

i tried arranging a session but backed off several times just before hitting send on the email. i then toyed with the idea of filming, something i found very exciting but would also mean i would see Her with other people and maybe some more of Her personality. i’m not sure if i really would have contacted Her until what happened next.

There was a link through to a CP film of Her and Her number1 slave. i finally got to hear Her voice and was captivated. At the end of the video She touched his back, said well done and kissed his back. My heart skipped a beat.

Maybe one day i could earn this love, tenderness and care from this unique and beautiful Woman…

Part 4 – First Contact

So there i sat having made the decision to contact Mistress what on earth should i say? i must have wrote and rewrote that first email 20 times labouring over every word. Not that it was a work of art, just an attempt to show i was a genuine person who was interested in meeting and filming with Her.

i finally pressed “send” and went to bed, my mind whirling. Would She even reply? Perhaps She was booked up? Was i even of any interest to Her?

email-logoi tried to be patient but that proved impossible. i must have checked my emails every 10 mins but then unbelievably a reply came just after 9 the next day. An actual email from this wonderful Mistress – to me! It was almost too good to be true. At that moment i considered myself the luckiest person alive.

And then it dawned on me. This was just the start. i now have the chance to see and hear this beautiful Goddess in the flesh. No longer on the screen but i will be in front of Her, the chance to serve, the possibility to please Her. My life now took on an extra dimension. i could think of little else but would i be good enough.

Part 5 – In The Flesh

And so i found myself summoned for use at Mistresses next filming session, a delightful mix of anticipation of seeing Her and mild terror of serving Her. Would i be good enough? Would She be different to my long built up impression of Her? Well i was to find out how different – massively different because She was even more beautiful and impressive…

Pacing outside the venue i never once regretted my decision to contact Her. Time passed so slowly as i checked and checked my watch so eager was i to finally see Her and hear her voice. With trepidation and my heart bursting through my chest i tapped on the door and was ushered in by Her maid and there She was, sheer beauty and Dominance beyond my wildest dreams. Then She was gone, off to arrange the filming and Her attire. Firmly issuing orders to Her maid whilst i looked around and soaked up the atmosphere. How i dreamed of dressing Her and being close to that perfect figure.

The first film scene nearly made me pass out with joy, Mr J begs to keep his job whilst spanked with a humiliating secret. Miss Deviant dressed immaculately in a suit with that wonderful voice. Oh the sound of her voice and that smile and laugh. i just drunk it all in. Years and years and now it was all becoming real. Dressed in silky panties over her knee, was i in heaven?


Eager to please i volunteered to play the rent man with Her maid. i had the perfect view to see Her in action and this captivated me further, Her natural creativity and variety astounded me. She then dispensed of my services and i was on the street my mind fucked with so much to comprehend i cannot remember getting home.

As Miss reminds me my quietness worried Her about how we would get on in future. i look back and scream at myself to open up more, to express myself rather than just absorbing and processing things. But how i enjoyed it, how i felt relieved after dreaming for so many years. Thank goodness She could see beyond that.

Thank You Miss for i cannot comprehend life without You. i was hooked and i needed to see and serve Her again

Part 6 – Yearning For More

Actually seeing Mistress and serving Her had got me hooked. She was everything i imagined and more. Pure Dominance, a beautiful face and smile all with a figure to die for. That laugh and the sound of Her voice continued to reverberate within me. Reliving every moment made for a restless night and then i took the plunge again.

As i left Her presence Mistress kindly offered the chance to session with Her. Well i had time today, would she be available? I emailed Her before 6 am and showered. Then checking my email without really expecting a reply there it was, i was on for another chance.

So for the second time in 2 days i found myself pacing the streets waiting for my allotted time with my heart racing and nerves trembling. “The door is open come on up” and so it began again…

ive learnt to love and hate those stairs. Love them because i will see Mistress and hate them as they take me away from Her but luckily for me i often get a flash or image of Mistress that ingrains in my memory. As i climbed the stairs and reached the landing there She was in all her phenomenal glory, incredible outfit and beautiful smile. i nearly fell backwards.

Ordered in to strip and dress as the slut i am my mind was spinning. Worshipping Mistress’s strap-on and then being fucked like the whore i am were the physical aspects. Joy, upon joy. Sensation upon sensation. Years of dreams and now my pussy was being pounded by this powerful dominant woman, i was her play thing and i was eager to please. Inside i was screaming to be fucked harder and used thoroughly.

What was really remarkable was that Mistress took me under Her instruction straight away. She ordered me to get an enema kit and “we must sort your weight”. Was i dreaming? She wanted me to serve again?

For once in my life i began to feel i had a purpose.

Part 7 – Chastity, Tease and Torment

It was almost a month before i was honoured to see Mistress again but thankfully between that time the control and ownership continued. Whether that be food or chastity or being teased i felt real excitement and a growing connection with the awesome Woman.

She then invited me to maid for Her at Her next filming which i was both thrilled and scared about. Being with Her amongst all the paraphernalia at the hired dungeon drove my mind wild and one day i will take up Mistresses suggestion to spend the day there with Her. As it turned out attendees were limited although i felt we had a fantastic time but what really made the day was to spend some time afterwards at a bar chatting. Even in a vanilla environment i felt submissive to Her and joyously happy to just be with Her.

She slowly guided me to new experiences with the constant threat of abandonment if i ever came (cum) without permission which to me was and always will be a fate worse than death. Now i have experienced Mistress i could never revert to my former life. The voyage of discovery whilst immensely enjoyable did begin to give me slight guilt about the pleasure i was receiving. Having no intimacy for many years and a lack of any sexual activity too made these loving experiences special beyond words. Mistress with Her perception has taken me past that and i know that my place is to please Her and she would not do this if She didn’t want to. i thank Her most profusely.

Every time i see Her without fail i am astounded by Her natural behaviour and Her beauty. The activities are without doubt mind blowing, to please Mistress is my number one favourite.  To be used as Her plaything is the singular most fulfilling experience. i now can barely control myself and find myself moaning at Her hands and begging for more – i am Her dirty whore slut.

JJ session photo 1

Part 8 – Limits Disappear

Developing over eight indescribably amazing sessions something tripped in me.  i’ve always known Mistress won’t cause me any damage and has my best interests at heart.  That said inexplicably i held back.  i still can’t believe how lucky i am that Mistress was so patient with me.

i have to keep pinching myself as to how generous Mistress is with Her time, attention and care.  When She honoured me with the instruction of a key to Her flat and a role to play keeping Her paperwork organised i could not believe the trust bestowed on me.  However, i kept being distracted by thoughts of Her and the future.  At first i found myself worrying that i would bore Her but then i thought i just need to please Her.  i then kept thinking of all the activities She enjoyed and wanted to beg Her for them.  This thought began to reoccur…

What followed next was the honour of all honours.  To spend an extended period with Mistress whether play is involved or not is just so fulfilling.  Able to be myself and chat whilst drinking in Her beauty and Her presence.  Staying overnight is utterly delightful.  Waking up to Her smile beaming down at me, from my bed on the floor beside her.  Both times i have hardly wanted to sleep as i felt i would waste it all.  i will never ever take Her for granted.

As we chatted more and more i opened up more and more.  It could only have happened to someone i really respect and love.  The fact is i really do submit to Her.  It is that simple.

Being humiliated by Her is an honour.  To smell and wear Her panties, to be sent out wearing a tampon, to be pissed on and lick it off Her legs, to clean Her wonderful arse hole and then who knows what’s next.


i found myself needing more and more to wear Mistresses mark.  And then it happened…  i’m not a pain slut but i will endure whatever Mistress desires.  Bending over, being caned knowing that i was to wear Her marks made me proud and so happy.  i kept checking those marks and found myself getting upset when they faded.

If you asked me 12 months ago i would be the lifestyle slave to the most beautiful, creative and fun loving Mistress i would not have believed you.  i love You Miss and can’t believe the journey You have taken me on.  You have made me so happy and fulfilled i pray that i do the same for You.  When You talk of my being the only slave You could live with i leap for joy.  Within the next 2/3 years i fully intend to provide a property for You to live in, operate Your business from and we can share.  i cant wait to see how things develop further.  i am honoured, Thank You Miss.

i am Yours beautiful Mistress Deviant

slave jj

It really has been an incredible year. I’m so proud at how far My jj has come. I adore him and could not imagine my life without him serving me. Looking forward to the next leg of our beautiful Deviant journey together. 

Clips4Sale testimony………

I received an email from one of my subs about a particular clip in my Clips4Sale Studio he’d purchased. The clip was titled: Miss Deviant has fun fucking her anal slut (FULL Version)

This is the email he sent after watching the clip

Good morning Mistress,

Thank you very much for sharing the clip.  In a word…HOT!  I give it a 9.5 out of 10 on the erection meter.  It misses out on a 10 only because I have already achieved that with you in-person.

What I particularly liked about the session is that you were sincerely having fun.  You were truly in your element.  It was more like a true session rather than a “film clip”.  You obviously got the desired reaction from your sub who must have been in heaven.  I can see why you are particularly proud of this clip.  This is Miss Deviant at her deviant erotic best.



I have to agree, this clip is particularly hot and I got so into what we were doing that I completely forgot the cameraman was there!!!

If you would like to attend my next filming day (TBA) please send an email to missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk with Filming Slave in the subject line

Another Spanking Good Testimony………

It turns out that this particular miscreant is a friend of another of my regular boys who has to frequent my chambers for a OTK Spanking. He had recommend me as a harsh but loving Spanker. He sent me an email outlining his session experience:

Dear Miss Deviant

You asked me to email you to let you know what I’d learned from our meeting last night. I have to admit that I expected you to be cruel and heartless, but actually you are very caring and the spanking you gave me was really necessary. You weren’t doing it just for your own enjoyment, but because there was a real need. I know I benefited from it, and I really felt at the end you were like a mother who loves her son and cares about him.
My bottom is quite tender this morning, reminding me of how wrong it was to steal from my mother. I learned my lesson in as much that I wouldn’t do the same thing if I was young again. But since the stealing did go on for a long time, as I remember, I will almost certainly need to return at some point to further pay for my wrongdoing. I may live to regret my next suggestion, which is that you resort to using an implement of your choosing to make my bottom sore and tender before you go on to use your hard hand. I promised yesterday to always tell the truth, and I have to be honest and say that I slightly exaggerated the effect the spanking was having on me, for the same reason I started wriggling around. Both are ways of ensuring there isn’t too much pain, because repeated spanking on the same area of the bottom is that much more painful.
There will always have to be a month or two between sessions but I do very much hope to continue to benefit from the love and care you can give me through spanking.
With love,

It would appear I seem to have a natural talent for a good old fashioned Over The Knee spanking. If you feel you need a firm spanking done with love then send an email to missdeviant2011@hotmail.co.uk confessing your deeds and requesting a session.